management toolsLoan officers and their teams often struggle to keep their prospects, existing clients, and other contacts organized and easy to access. Using an effective mortgage CRM program makes it easy to find the information they need. There are hundreds of CRM programs on the market, but it is crucial you choose a program which fits seamlessly into your business. It needs to work with your normal workflow and mortgage processes. There are several CRM programs designed specifically for the mortgage industry to make your team’s job easier. Floify may not be a mortgage CRM, but we do know a lot about the mortgage industry and how to use technology to improve the workflow and productivity of our mutual clients, the mortgage loan originators.

What Can A Mortgage CRM Do For You?

Simple customer databases have outlived their usefulness. They offered only basic information which was tossed in as an afterthought. The database was not designed to give you the quick complete picture your mortgage office needs. Mortgage CRM systems provide you with a whole new level of information and ability. Instead of basic information, you have a system which is designed to improve your marketing and sales. It includes sales automation and marketing functions including drip marketing, sales reporting, and can even distribute leads within your office. There are already a number of well-established CRM programs for the mortgage lending industry, plus a few promising up and coming programs. We evaluated some of the most popular CRM programs used in mortgage companies, looking at their benefits, and how they work with a loan officer’s other programs like LOS, POS, and others.

Unify CRM – No Frills But Highly Effective

Unify is a mortgage CRM program which kept popping up in conversations with Floify’s enterprise lender clients. Many of them were using Unify CRM in their businesses. Unify CRM is a no-frills system which focuses on the core features you need. It offers powerful contact management and marketing features, along with solid analytics for your data-driven sales professionals. We noticed the lenders using Unify are highly organized, analytical, focused on processes that work, and successful. This system sticks to its core strengths and does not stray in other processes. It does not add 1003, loan documentation, games, or calculators. It focuses on mortgage CRM and relationship management and does it exceptionally well.

Unify CRM – The Core Features:

• Contact, Referral Partner, and Lead Management • Integration – Ties into your LOS software in real-time, includes database monitoring and opportunity notification. • Automated Marketing • Co-Branded Marketing Materials • Video Marketing • Large Library of Pre-Built Campaigns, Emails, Flyers, and other marketing materials. • Post-Close Campaigns – To help you increase referrals and customer satisfaction. • Powerful Business and Marketing Analytics • Mobile App – Use Unify CRM while on the road.


Like many other mortgage CRM companies, Unify does not reveal its pricing to the public, which is negative. It is difficult to recommend the program for small mortgage offices without that information since smaller offices often have a tighter budget. What we do know is that Unify is a solid choice for your mortgage CRM needs. It will integrate into your office easily, providing you with great marketing tools, sales reporting, and accurate client information. Their real-time LOS integration is a feature we would like to see other mortgage CRM programs offer.

Top Mortgage CRM Software Review – Will It Work For Your Office?